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Help Support Future City Colorado

With the help of corporate and individual donors, Future City Colorado has grown from five teams at the 2017-2018 regional competition in a small charter school building to fifteen teams at the 2019-20 regional competition in the Green Center at Colorado School of Mines. While each presenting team has three students, dozens of additional students work on meeting the requirements of the deliverables. Through their participation students are introduced to science, technology, engineering and math subjects, learn how to work together as a team, problem solve, think creatively and develop research, presentation and computer skills.


Statistics show that Future City has a positive impact on the students who participate in the program: 49% of participants are girls, 85% of students report that Future City helped them see that math and science are important to their future, 56% said Future City helped them in their other classes at school


By making a donation, you can help Future City Colorado introduce more students to engineering and technology careers. You can set students on the path to developing the skills they will need to be part of the 21st century workforce.

Email us if you'd like to help support Future City Colorado. 

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